Window Replacement

Just one year ago, we paid our rent and started moving into our house.  I know it was exactly one year ago today, because our rent was due today.  In Haiti you pay rent by the year, up front, no refunds.  Just after we moved in last year, a strong storm blew into Port-au-Prince and the whole area was within moments pounded by heavy rain and extremely strong winds.  We remember this day so well and the kids still refer to it as the Friday storm because a window blew into the house from a three story tower/stairwell. Glass shattered everywhere and water rained through the gaping hole in the wall.  The event shook everyone up and caused a lot of anxiety from the earthquake to resurface.

Our landlord never sent anyone to fix the window until today (because the rent was due and Eric said he wasn’t paying until the window was fixed!).  These guys show up today to fix the window.  They didn’t have their own ladder and had to use Eric’s, which was a little short to complete the job.  Eric suggested they bring the ladder upstairs to our hall which is open to the stairwell and put the ladder from the hallway up to the third story window that the men were changing.  Eric was not yet here while they were doing this and I was somewhat freaking out because of the danger involved in the prospect of doing this.  I very politely asked them not to climb up there until Eric was here.  Sweet baby Aimee distracted me for just a few minutes and the next thing I know, the guy is all the way up to the top.  Wow, talk about a knotted stomach…And such is life in Haiti.

The ladder stretched across the foyer down below. Craziness.

It wasn't so scary after he got up there, and I was glad when Eric finally showed up!


As it turns out, they fixed the window and no one fell.  Up tomorrow…a basketball goal in the driveway.  We will see how that goes down.


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  1. Your rental looks beautiful! That is one SCARY window for sure!! We have a window in our foyer that is 2 stories high and i have to say it has never been washed lol!!!

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