Cream Puffs

When I was a kid, my mom had a few desserts that were standards for company, church potlucks, and picnics.  She was a frequent baker of a yellow cake with seven minute frosting. If it was a really special occasion, she would dust it with coconut flakes.  She makes a great gooey butter cake, and wow, her sweet potato soufflé is outrageous.  I remember watching her as a kid wondering how she was able to mix up her batters with such strength and speed (now I just let my Kitchen Aid do all the work!).  I always had a great time baking with my mom and spending time with her in the kitchen.  Now I am so blessed to share in these things with my own kids.

Each Wednesday afternoon around my house, we have our tea party.  It is the time where one of my four oldest spend some time searching through my cookbooks, choosing what they want to prepare for the tea party.  Assuming we have all of the ingredients, whichever child it might be gets to spend part of the afternoon preparing the delicious snack and serving it to his/her siblings.  We sit politely with fancy place mats, reminding each other about manners and etiquette.  The kids relish the sugar overload.  They drink a little Coka, oh wait…it is supposed to be a tea party.

Today was Wilson’s day.  Hannah found the recipe last week for Cream Puffs and we have been talking about them since last Wednesday.  She relinquished her rights to making the cream puffs to her brother, and let me say, they were so delicious!  Never before have I been inclined to make my own cream puffs, but I think this will become a more frequent occurrence.  Someone mentioned something about Thanksgiving…if we can wait that long.

Wilson filling the puffs with cream.

Wow! Isn't it beautiful?

Great job, Wilson!

Just in case anyone is concerned, no one is dreading school this year, neither the kids nor I.  A lot of changing, growing, and learning on my part has helped tremendously.  But that will be another post for another day.  Oh yeah, thanks Mom for teaching me to love to cook in the kitchen with my kids!


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