A Bunch of Birders

My seven-year-old, Wilson told me yesterday that we need to go to Club Indigo (our favorite beach!) to find more birds in our bird book.  At first I thought he was being tricksy, trying to find a good reason for his parents to say “Yes!  Let’s go!” (not that I ever need a good reason to go).  Turns out, he was really serious and is anxious to find more birds we can add to our ongoing family list of birds that we have seen.

Our birding books, one in English, one in Haitian Creole.

We take our bird books to the beach, long drives across the countryside, and our best place for finding birds is along the L’Artibonite River (also known as the Cholera River). Don’t worry, we don’t drink the water!  All this birding started with the study of Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, Zoology 1 last year for science.  You can find more info about Apologia here.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our science and recommend these texts for any other home schoolers out there!!

This is a project that the kids have been working on as an extension from last year’s studies.  After we identify a certain type of bird from our bird books, the kids sketch the bird and then paint it with water colors.  Birding has developed observant eyes, listening ears, and a great memory to recall detail.

Smooth-Billed Ani, American Kestrel

Hispaniolan Woodpecker, Greater Flamingo, Narrow-Billed Tody, Hispaniolan Palm Crow


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