Tropical Tilapia

Zamni Beni is a children’s home for developmentally disabled children of whom most were abandoned at the hospital from birth.  It is a fabulous partnership between Partners in Health/Zamni Lasante together with Operation Blessing.  Eric has had the privilege of overseeing many projects at ZB over the past year.  One of the projects that Operation Blessing has established for ZB is an aquaponics system.  You can watch a short video about it here.   Today marked one of the first harvests of tilapia from this system.  Eric brought home a few fresh tilapia (you know, for quality control) for us to eat for dinner.

Glub, glub


I found this great recipe from Paula Deen on the Food Network.  Very tropical. Very delicious. The Zesty Tilapia recipe can be found here.  Of course, I don’t think I know how to follow a recipe exactly.  The biggest difference was lime zest and juice instead of orange.  Also, instead of grilling the tilapia, I fried them in coconut oil.   The tilapia filets were served with the mango coconut rice, fresh pineapple, and avocados.

Tropical Tilapia

Eric and I, along with Wilson, Jett, and Callie gobbled it up, while Christa and Hannah didn’t even want to touch it.  I think they missed out on a great meal and had to go to bed hungry!



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