Basketball Skills

We have had our basketball goal up for just over a week and already, I think I have exhausted my knowledge of the sport.  I have passed along my vast amount of basketball skills to my kids.  They have received all that I can still remember from when I was the manager for the Freshman team from Ridgewood Jr. High way back in 1989.  That’s right, Friends, the manager.  I am certain that Coach watched all of us girls on the one day of tryouts and picked the tallest girls.  Well, if you know me, you know I didn’t make the team.  A different, taller Jennifer made the team.  She jammed her finger in one of the first practices and had to sit out for a lot of the games.  I couldn’t help but feel a little smug when Coach said he wished he had put my name on the team roster. The disappointment over not making the team was not too overwhelming.  I really just wanted to hang out with my great friend Emily and since Coach allowed me to be the manager, it meant that I went to all of the practices and all of the games.  Turns out that Emily had to have knee surgery and didn’t get to play much that year anyway.

All that to say, that my kids need some more coaching.  Anyone want to come have a basketball clinic with my kids??


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