A Little Quiet Time

Sometimes I need just a little peace and quiet.  In a family with six kids, ages 6 months to 11 years, I must demand it or I will never get it!  Every school day at 2:00 PM, all the kids head to their rooms.  Ideally, they are supposed to read silently or play quietly on their beds.  Reality is that sometimes they get a little rambunctious with building blocks and Thomas the Train.  The girls love to spend their quiet time belting out tunes with Hannah’s Karaoke machine.  Poor Callie gets shuffled between the boys and the big girls.  Seems being three-years-old is rather rough.  She is at that age where she needs a nap, but doesn’t want to give up the fight.  Some days she wins, some days I win.

As I have mentioned, home school did not start out so great for us.  Not quite a year ago, I started reading a lot from other home schoolers about their schedules, curriculum, and expectations.  I came across several families who insist on quiet time for their kids (no matter the age) and I thought it should be added to our day.  My oldest girls are readers and Christa was insisting that she needed an hour everyday to just read.  Quiet time was just what we needed.  It gives the kids a break from listening to their mom’s instruction.  They need a break just as much as I need a break from trying to teach, train, and guide them.  They now refer to it as “QT”.

At two o’clock, everyone heads to their room and shuts the door.  They are not supposed to come out until I excuse them.  Although they didn’t like it at first, there are no arguments now.  Everyone is content to play in their rooms.  Even Aimee lays down in her pack-n-play to take a nap as well.  I reheat a cup of coffee and  I escape to my room usually to fold laundry.  If there is a lot to fold (and there usually is), I turn on a Mark Driscoll sermon from Mars Hill Church out of Seattle, WA.  Sometimes I spend QT in the kitchen getting ready for dinner.  Sometimes I talk on the phone with my best friend Krystal.  Sometimes I accidentally fall asleep.  After an hour of QT, I am ready to take on the kids again!

I am so thankful that other moms shared this tip with me.  I love this time and I am thankful that it helps me be a better mom!

I sure wish I had started this earlier…


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