Apple Down Cake

A week or so ago, Eric came home with three amazing pineapples.  As soon as Jett saw them, he said, “YUM! Now you can make an Apple Down Cake!”  That might be the only way I ever refer to a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for the rest of my life.  Those pineapples were all eaten fresh, so the thought of apple down cake has been on his mind for a while now.

Fresh Haitian Pineapples!


Today was Jetty’s tea party day.  He knew for a few days that it was coming up because I asked him what he wanted to help make and serve to his siblings.  Of course, he wanted to make apple down cake (although he has corrected himself) for the tea party.  Eric found some more pineapples on Tuesday evening because that is just the kind of great dad he is!  So this afternoon, we ate apple down cake and drank a little soda pop.

Jett concentrating hard on the pineapple placement.


Jetty's Apple Down Cake

We sent Eric and Callie off to Joplin, MO early this morning.  Eric has a minor surgery on Friday morning for a neglected medical issue. We decided to send Callie at the last minute for some time with her Grandmas and Grandpas.  We are missing them like crazy, but the house is such less chaos without a three-year-old!  I plan to get all my laundry finished tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully I can spend some quality time in my kitchen to get ahead for when they return.  Chances are that isn’t going to happen because Wilson is always hungry!

Oh, I shouldn’t forget to share this picture of an awesome rainbow we saw this afternoon.  Careful not to point at it, it will bring bad luck…a Haitian superstition.

Taken from the roof of our house.


Just after I took this picture, my exact words were, “No sword fighting on the roof with no railing!”  I love these crazy Lotz kids!


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