Whale Watching

Sweet Hannah wrote a summary of all she learned about whales.  I wish I could take my kids on a whale watching expedition.  It would be so fun after learning all about whales.  Maybe someday.  The Pacific coast is calling my name…


I learned all about whales. I learned about the two different kinds of whales: baleen and toothed. A baleen has baleen instead of teeth. Baleen are smooth on the outside and bristly on the inside. Baleen are bigger than toothed. Toothed have teeth. Whales can perform too. They do four things: breaching, lobtailing, spyhopping, and logging. Breaching is jumping up in the air and splashing into the water. Lobtailing is sticking their tail out of the water and smacking the water. Spyhopping is sticking it’s head out of the water and spinning. Logging is floating with very little movement and looking like a log. Whales also migrate.  They will usually go to Antarctica and eat four tons of krill a day.Then they will go to their breeding grounds where they will have their calves.There they will not eat until they go to Antarctica again.They live off their blubber.

By: Hannah


Whale behaviors, by Hannah




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