Tell Me, Do You Love Someone

If you love someone, anyone at all, you have to show your love by making these amazing homemade hash browns!

The first time I made these hash browns, I spent the entire day preparing and finishing them.  I scrubbed, baked, peeled, fried, ate, froze, and bagged.  It was a super long process (with great return).  I have discovered a few tips along the way to make it a much simpler process, though, which makes them that much greater.

Day One:  Scrub and bake a whole pan of potatoes.  Plan on eating baked potatoes for dinner to help with dinner prep.  If there are some potatoes that are not quite soft enough for eating, keep those back for the hash browns.  Put all leftover potatoes from dinner straight into the refrigerator.  I don’t bother wrapping them in anything, I just stick them on the shelf.

Day Two:  For breakfast, grab as many potatoes as you need and start grating.  I don’t bother to peel the potatoes anymore.  I lost too much potato and besides, most of the skins are left in my hand after grating.  Heat your skillet and melt a fair amount of butter in it. Layer a not too thick layer of grated potato into the skillet and cook on medium heat for about five minutes.  Every time I think I should start to flip it, I wait about two more minutes.  This gets the hash browns brown and crispy.

You can see, the skins just fall off.

After you get all you need for breakfast, if you still have potatoes, finish grating the rest.  Spread the remaining hash browns on a big flat plastic wrap lined cookie sheet and place in the freezer.  After they are frozen, place in ziploc bag.  Pull out for a quick and easy breakfast that shows a lot of love or lotzoflove.

I chopped up some bacon and then added some cheese for an extra special treat (yes we are on somewhat of a bacon kick).  The kids always want more than I ever prepare. Eric says he could eat them every day.

I hope potatoes are on sale this weekend and you can get a bunch to put into your freezer.  Your whole family will feel the love!


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