My Candy Queen

My Christa has always been my candy queen.  When she was just a toddler, she could sniff out candy no matter where we were. While visiting other people’s homes, she would find their secret stash of candies and Christa would help herself.  Somehow she always talked her daddy into buying candy out of the candy machines.

Wednesday was Christa’s tea party day.  She was online looking at recipes and found the Groovy Jeans Cake by Betty Crocker.  It is no surprise that this cake jumped out at her because it is decorated with candy!  I hesitated granting permission for her to prepare this masterpiece, but decided since we have a nice variety of candy (thanks to a visiting group’s generosity) and it was something she chose and wanted to do, I agreed to help.

She baked the cake all by herself.  I helped her flip, cut, and arrange the cake.  We made the icing and she did the decorating.

Our chocolate cake had way too many crumbs for a smooth design, but we did our best.  All of you cake decorators out there, don’t be too harsh.  We tried our best!  Christa said that the lady in the demonstration video was using a rubber cake anyway.  I think she was right!


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