It is pumpkin time everywhere, including here in Haiti.  I love the deep green of the Haitian pumpkins and wonder why in the States, we find so many orange pumpkins except at the specialty pumpkin patch.  In all my years in the States, I have only used pumpkins in decorating, carving, and pumpkin pies made from canned pumpkin.  I think I have been missing out!

We started our pumpkin day with Pumpkin math.  We gutted the pumpkin and while the kids removed the seeds from the rest of the innards, I put the pumpkin flesh into the stock pot with just a little water and cooked it while we were working at the table.  After we removed the seeds and washed them up a bit, we divided them between all of the kids.  Christa had 200 seeds and she worked at dividing them into groups of 9, then 8, and so forth.  We worked those division problems on paper and then acted them out with the seeds.  Hannah reviewed regrouping 10’s, and Wilson and Jett practiced counting by 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s.  Callie worked on counting by 1’s.  I don’t think anyone learned anything new, but it was fun to get our hands dirty.

Jett, always ON the table!

Hannah and Callie

After we finished counting the pumpkin seeds, I removed the yummy orange flesh from the peel and pureed it.  Aimee has a nice stash of homemade pumpkin baby food.

Sweet Pumpkin Face

I coated the pumpkin seeds with coconut oil and salt and roasted them at 225 degrees for about an hour.  Wow!  They were so yummy!

Later that night, I made Diri Ak Joumou, or Rice with Pumpkin for dinner.  It was good, although all of the kids weren’t completely impressed.  Eric wants some meat loaf.  I think it will make a great side for some meat loaf.

Our pumpkin day wasn’t exactly like we would do it in the States.  We didn’t get to go to a pumpkin patch and ride on a hayride.  We didn’t get our picture taken on a hay bale next to a scarecrow; but, we had a fun day together!


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