Meet Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine is part of my sanity for this school year.  She comes every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to help watch over Aimee, Callie, Wilson, and Jett during my morning school schedule with Christa and Hannah.  Jasmine is also our French teacher. After my time with the girls is finished, she takes Christa and Hannah and instructs them in French for about an hour on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I get the boys during French until our lunch time.  Fridays they usually watch a movie in French during French class.

Jasmine is a younger sister of one of my former Sonlight Academy students.  She speaks English, (which is a huge bonus for me) and she is great with the kids. I really want for the kids to pick up more Creole as well.  Language is so tricky.  Callie understands a lot of the Creole spoken to her, but she refuses to say very many words in Creole.  Hopefully, they are getting it!

Christa glaring at me during French class.


Miss Jasmine and Aimee


She even helps me with Aimee’s hair.  It is so hard to braid!


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