A Goat Surprise

Through our years of working in Haiti, we have found many Haitian friends who are so generous.  We have received many gifts throughout our time here, a turkey, a butchered goat, cremas (Haitian New Year’s Eve Drink), potatoes, eggs…  I always appreciate these gifts because I know they are given with love and appreciation to our family for living and working in Haiti.

Today, Eric’s airport connection brought over a huge bag of patat, or Haitian sweet potatoes.  These sweet potatoes are my favorite sliced thin and fried; however, that is probably the least healthy way to enjoy them!

patat, Haitian sweet potatoes


He also brought over a live goat, much to our surprise!


The kids promptly named him “Grover” borrowed from the satyr in the  Lightning Thief series.  The kids are having a great time, but our dog just doesn’t know what to think.  I am pretty sure Bella wants to herd the poor goat, but since the goat is tied, it can’t go anywhere.  Pretty much the goat just watches Bella, and Bella barks incessantly.  This could get old.

Fast forward one night.  Bella and Grover became good friends.  Bella was licking its face and trying to play ball with him.

Goat: it’s what’s for dinner…


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