So, I know before I posted that the pumpkins in Haiti are all green.  That was not quite accurate.  I have found another variety that is a yellow-orange color.  It has a much richer, sweeter flavor than the mild green pumpkins.  I am very excited to find some more of these pumpkins because I have found that they make some awesome recipes simply amazing!  I really want to stock up on this puree and keep a year’s worth in my freezer until they come around again next year.  I love these pumpkin recipes.

Some things I have made recently with this pumpkin:

pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

This recipe can be found over at Heavenly Homemakers along with a lot of other great recipes.  My kids LOVE these muffins! Oh, and so do I. In the words of 3 year old Callie, “I love chocolate because it is so chocolatey.”

French Toast Pumpkin Pancakes

When Hannah Hamilton came over after church last Sunday, she suggested we eat breakfast for dinner.  I thought that was a great idea!  I had this pumpkin pancake recipe that I had been wanting to try out; however, she said she wanted some French Toast.  I had no bread in the house to be used as French Toast, so we compromised!  I made the pumpkin pancakes and then proceeded to batter and fry them up for…tada…French Toast Pumpkin Pancakes.  Simply put, they were amazing! I topped mine with a small handful of walnuts to add a little extra protein (and flavor!).  Perhaps a little too much work for a regular pancake breakfast; but, it will definitely be the way I serve leftover pancakes in the future!


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