Painting and Funnel Cakes

Hannah Grace was the one who chose to make funnel cakes last Wednesday.  I love funnel cakes!  They take me back to the days of Silver Dollar City when I was a kid.  I am pretty certain we smelled a lot more funnel cakes than we actually ate, but I remember our whole family digging in together for a sweet, tasty treat.  That smell in my nose and that taste on my tongue takes me right back to those carefree days of riding rides, watching the glass blowers in awe, and smelling the sawdust of the woodworkers.  (and waiting for my mom to hurry up and stop looking at all the things we weren’t allowed to touch!) When Hannah said she wanted to make funnel cakes for our Wednesday Tea Party, she didn’t have to ask twice.  We found a funnel cake recipe that was simple and delicious. We poured the batter into an empty honey bear and then squeezed it into the hot oil.  It worked perfectly. Topped with a little bit of powdered sugar, they tasted every bit as good as Silver Dollar City’s (and a lot cheaper!).

Hannah's Funnel Cake!

On Wednesdays, I try to work some art into our day. My mom sent down a bunch of paint-by-numbers for my kids to do.  What can I say?  We are all beginners!  Last Wednesday, the kiddos painted while I read out loud to them.  The girls lasted for two hours!  They boys grew tired after the first hour, but made some really good progress on their paintings.

Hannah and Christa working dilligently.

Jetty's Clown Fish

Wilson's Panda

Since last Wednesday, Christa finished her painting.  I think she did an excellent job!

Good Job, Lotzie!


3 responses

  1. Woah, Christa that is awesome! I didn’t know you were such a good artist. And Jen, that idea with the empty honey bear is excellent. Thanks for the tip. Hugs to Elo and the kiddos.

  2. We have been using the honey bear idea for a long time now! Eric likes to make the kids’ initials when he makes pancakes. He can make them with a steady hand…I need the honey bear!

    Thanks, Sue, for reading about our days! It is fun to share them with you.

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