One Step Closer

We have been working on obtaining legal custody of Aimee for quite a while.  Since Eric had Friday off of work, we finished up some things on our end that were not difficult, but only needed a little time.  Our lawyer asked us for a photo, like a passport photo, of Eric, Aimee, and myself, along with a dr’s report on the three of us, and Eric and my marriage certificate.  Having left a “box of important papers” with my mom, it was up to her to get the marriage certificate scanned and emailed to us.  Luckily, my brother-in-law Alan was at her house this weekend and helped her figure it out!

We went to a little photo store called Belle Photo for the necessary pictures.  Aimee did great and and we were in and out without any hassel. Eric and I were reminded of when we had to take Christa to a similar place to get a photo for her passport when she was only two weeks old.  Trying to get a two week old baby to open her eyes long enough to snap a photo was difficult.  I was glad Aimee cooperated a lot easier!

Waiting for the pictures at the Belle Photo

As we were upstairs in this little shop, I was sitting on a bench with my back against the wall.  I could feel the vibrations traveling through the walls from the endless traffic from below.  I didn’t like it; it makes me think about things like substandard building practices and earthquakes.  Luckily, our wait was short and we were on to our next assignment.

We went to a local ‘hospital’, but the best I could tell, it seemed to be like a one man dr. office.  There were vaccines for babies, a small drug laboratory, and a small pharmacy.  Our physicals consisted of taking the vitals, weight, and a blood test  (for AIDS) for all three of us.

Aimee getting weighed at the dr's office.

I thought it was funny the way they weigh the babies here.  Of course, all of my other kids have had similar experiences, but we called it a Johnny Jump-Up!  This was a lot like Eric’s fish scale.  Aimee didn’t seem to mind.

Aimee finally broke a tooth through this morning.  My housekeeper was sure she was going to walk before she ever got a tooth!  She will be surprised on Monday morning.


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