Fresh Water in Medan Belize

A week ago Sunday, our whole family was invited to attend a small ceremony signifying the completion of another joint organization project.  The Clinton Foundation, Greif, Caribbean Harvest, and Operation Blessing joined forces to build a small addition to a community building that Operation Blessing previously built for a small village located on Lake Azuei.  The purpose of this addition was to provide more surface area with which to collect rain water for those who live in Medan Belize, Haiti.  This group of people live right on the brackish waters of Lake Azuei, which is huge and beautiful, but can do nothing to help meet the fresh water needs of the people.  Operation Blessing provided the labor and know how to get the project from vision to realization on the ground here in Haiti. Eric was in charge of implementing the plan on a short deadline.  It is always tricky trying to get a project to come together, especially when you are waiting for important supplies in customs!

Many people from these organizations were coming Sunday afternoon to present the project to the village.  We showed up Sunday morning to spend the day at the lake while Eric had some last minute things to see to completion.  The kiddos had fun swimming with the little kids from the village.

Splashing in Lake Azuei

Lake Azuei, with Dominican Republic mts in the background

Lunch Break

Eric spent much of his Thanksgiving weekend altering these tables to hold the big containers that are to catch the fresh rainwater. He worked hard ensuring the details would come together at just the right time.  Thankfully, customs cooperated and released the huge water collection containers in time for the installation and the ceremony.

Rainwater Collection Containers

They worked great!

The Operation Blessing water truck was on hand to test the system.  They pulled the hose up to the roof to make sure the gutters would capture the water and lead it safely down into the reservoirs.

I am thankful that my husband gets to be a hero to a lot more people than just me.  I am thankful that there is another option for the people of Medan Belize to receive fresh water.

Eric hard at work!


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