Haitian Marinad

I have written about Miss Jasmine before.  She is our school morning nanny for Aimee and Callie and also teaches Christa and Hannah French four days a week.  Sometimes Miss Jasmine likes to spice it up in French class (especially when the students are feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated about French!).

One of their favorite activities is to make “marinad” which is fried dough.  I love it that Jasmine teaches the kids French but I really love it that they get to learn Haitian culture and how to make Haitian food.  Marinad is a snack food that is typically sold on the street to passersby who need a little bite to eat.  When Eric and I lived in Port-de-Paix, he always bought marinad outside of the gate of the school to help him make it to lunch time.

First you mince some garlic together with some salt and pepper.  Dissolve Maggi (or chicken bouilion) in some water.  Mix in all of the spices and water with a couple of cups of flour and a teaspoon of baking powder. I understand that my measurements are quite vague, but I wasn’t with them while they were preparing the dough!  Add enough flour/water until a soft dough forms.  Heat up some oil in a skillet and drop spoonfuls into the grease.  Fry, turning after a few minutes.

Golden Fried Marinad

Callie likes to call them “sea turtles” because that is what they look like to my little three-year-old.  They are best served hot with some Haitian piklis.

I have to say that I think these taste a lot like Long John Silver’s batter..Maybe we have just discovered their recipe.


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