Sipping Hot Tea

Today was the perfect day to sip hot tea all day long with my mom and dad.  The sound of the snow plow woke me this morning.  I jumped out of bed to see what the racket was all about.  Funny how I am used to the neighbor’s rooster waking me up in Port-au-Prince.  I really thought someone was dragging their trashcan to the end of their driveway.  Snow fell all morning around here which afforded a day of baking and cooking for my parents.

Just over a year ago, I really started seeking out information on nutrition and the role food plays in the health of myself and my family.  I switched from white flour and pasta to whole wheat, white rice to brown rice, and from using vegetable oil to coconut oil or butter.  As soon as I arrived in St. Louis (after a nice splurge of Mexican food 🙂 ) I started researching good healthy food that would be the very best for my mom and her fight against stage 4 ovarian cancer.  I took my first trip to the Whole Foods Market and then a couple days later to Trader Joe’s.  We stocked up the refrigerator full of kale, leeks, endive, bok choy, cauliflower, peppers and onions.  We have Brazil nuts, coconut oil, whole wheat, plums, and talapia.   I am still learning a lot about nutrition and its role in our lives.  I have been having fun looking up recipes and cooking with my dad.  I am proud of my mom and her willingness to eat what we are fixing for her.  We made some cauliflower soup and multigrain bread.  My dad even took seconds on the soup!

Healthy eating is a journey.  It is never too late to begin. I still have so far to go.  I am glad sipping hot tea is considered a healthy activity, especially in St. Louis in the winter!


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