Pictures From Home

Already, it has been a few weeks back in the warm Hispaniolian sunshine, back to the homeschool grind, and trying to keep up with the feeding of these hungry kids of mine.  I want to share a few pictures of some really important people in my life that I was able to see during my short visit to St. Louis.

My Sisters! Jeanna, me, and Joy

I was so blessed to spend quality time with my sisters.  Not too long ago I wrote about missing them while living in far off Haiti.  I wish the circumstances would have been better, but I am so grateful for our time together.  I know my kids would have loved to be with me so they could hang out with their cousins.  Our kids all have a special bond that I hope will continue throughout their whole lives.

Sweet Nieces Heaven, Megan, and Allie

My dad and mom with the Davis kids, Jonathan, Megan, and Justin

My last full day in St. Louis, my best friend from college, Krystal Jones, drove all the way from Bloomington, IN to visit a few short hours with me and my parents.

me and Krystal

Time was too short; however, it was time well spent!  I am blessed to have all of these beautiful people in my life to support, encourage, and challenge me to be a better mom, wife, teacher and friend.

My mom is doing well.  Her CA125  (blood marker for ovarian cancer) continue to decrease rapidly.  I am thankful that God is keeping her in the shadow of his wing and that His presence has been continually revealed.



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