A year ago, (yesterday) we were celebrating our Jett’s fifth birthday.  We were no doubt eating chicken and dumplings and downing some chocolate cake.  Little did we know, a sweet baby girl was born less than a mile away on the street to a momma who didn’t have a home or the mental stability to care for her new baby.  Three weeks later she came to live with us.  Aimee Espwa has been an absolute joy and privilege to care for over the course of her first year.

I love it that Aimee and Jett share a birthday!  Jett loves Aimee and now they have had their first birthday together.  It makes him feel special that he gets to share his day with his baby sister.

Aimee has two bottom teeth and has been toddling all over the house, especially since the last few days.  She is happy and content.  I am so glad that God has blessed us with a house full of kids.

Birthday Buddies, Jetty and Aimee!

Aimee wasn't quite sure how to go about eating her cake, but she figured it out!


Six Years, Jett, Wow!


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  1. So enjoy seeing your family.I had lunch with your Mom and Dad today.So happy that you have Aimee in your life.Happy birthday to Jett and Aimee.Love To You and Your Family,Diana

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