Painting and Funnel Cakes

Hannah Grace was the one who chose to make funnel cakes last Wednesday.  I love funnel cakes!  They take me back to the days of Silver Dollar City when I was a kid.  I am pretty certain we smelled a lot more funnel cakes than we actually ate, but I remember our whole family digging in together for a sweet, tasty treat.  That smell in my nose and that taste on my tongue takes me right back to those carefree days of riding rides, watching the glass blowers in awe, and smelling the sawdust of the woodworkers.  (and waiting for my mom to hurry up and stop looking at all the things we weren’t allowed to touch!) When Hannah said she wanted to make funnel cakes for our Wednesday Tea Party, she didn’t have to ask twice.  We found a funnel cake recipe that was simple and delicious. We poured the batter into an empty honey bear and then squeezed it into the hot oil.  It worked perfectly. Topped with a little bit of powdered sugar, they tasted every bit as good as Silver Dollar City’s (and a lot cheaper!).

Hannah's Funnel Cake!

On Wednesdays, I try to work some art into our day. My mom sent down a bunch of paint-by-numbers for my kids to do.  What can I say?  We are all beginners!  Last Wednesday, the kiddos painted while I read out loud to them.  The girls lasted for two hours!  They boys grew tired after the first hour, but made some really good progress on their paintings.

Hannah and Christa working dilligently.

Jetty's Clown Fish

Wilson's Panda

Since last Wednesday, Christa finished her painting.  I think she did an excellent job!

Good Job, Lotzie!


My Candy Queen

My Christa has always been my candy queen.  When she was just a toddler, she could sniff out candy no matter where we were. While visiting other people’s homes, she would find their secret stash of candies and Christa would help herself.  Somehow she always talked her daddy into buying candy out of the candy machines.

Wednesday was Christa’s tea party day.  She was online looking at recipes and found the Groovy Jeans Cake by Betty Crocker.  It is no surprise that this cake jumped out at her because it is decorated with candy!  I hesitated granting permission for her to prepare this masterpiece, but decided since we have a nice variety of candy (thanks to a visiting group’s generosity) and it was something she chose and wanted to do, I agreed to help.

She baked the cake all by herself.  I helped her flip, cut, and arrange the cake.  We made the icing and she did the decorating.

Our chocolate cake had way too many crumbs for a smooth design, but we did our best.  All of you cake decorators out there, don’t be too harsh.  We tried our best!  Christa said that the lady in the demonstration video was using a rubber cake anyway.  I think she was right!

A was an Apple Pie


After some reflection, I have realized this is my third fall that I have missed from Southwest Missouri.  Our family moved to Haiti in the November of 2008.  As I see all of the current posts about fall from other blogs and facebook, I am feeling homesick for that fresh, crisp fall air.  I long to put on a pair of jeans, a long sleeved tee-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes and hike a long trail in the Ozark mountains.  I want to go apple picking, take a trip to the pumpkin patch, and sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows with my Little Lotz Kids.  All of these fall activities seem so far away right now.  With afternoon temps still quite high and a daily rain shower or two, it seems my tropical summer will never end.  I love a few surprises along the way that bring me back “home”.

One such surprise was when the last of US military pulled out back in July, they left a bunch of goods to Operation Blessing to use and disperse as they saw fit.  We scored a big box of each: apples, pears, and oranges.  We ate all we could and after a week or so, I decided to put away the rest of the apples.  I made some apple butter, and saved two bags of apples in the freezer for some yummy apple pie for a day when we all needed a taste of home.

That first week of school, when Jett was just beginning Kindergarten, we learned a poem.  Wilson had already learned it previously, so it is now solidified in everyone’s memory.  I cannot wait to do this activity again in a couple years with Callie and Aimee.  It is a great excuse to have an apple pie tea party.


A was an apple pie;

B bit it;

C cut it;

D devoured it;

E got to eat it;

F fought for it;

G got it;

H had it;

I ignored it;

J jumped for it;

K kept it;

L lunched on it;

M munched on it;

N nodded at it;

O opened it;

P peeped at it;

Q quartered it;

R ran for it;

S sang for it;

T took it;

U,V,W,X,Y,Z all had a large slice of it and went off to bed.

Kate Greenway

Jett and Callie putting together the apple pie.

Jett helped me make the apple pie from the apples we had tucked away in the freezer.  We recited the poem.  It was a great way to get that back to school, taste of home we were all looking for.  And now, when I really want to do something fallish, I can spread some of that apple butter on my sourdough bread and call it good.

Alphabet poem was found in the Language and Thinking for Young Children by Ruth Beechick and Jeannie Nelson, as part of the Sonlight K curriculum and was copied without permission.  😉

Apple Down Cake

A week or so ago, Eric came home with three amazing pineapples.  As soon as Jett saw them, he said, “YUM! Now you can make an Apple Down Cake!”  That might be the only way I ever refer to a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for the rest of my life.  Those pineapples were all eaten fresh, so the thought of apple down cake has been on his mind for a while now.

Fresh Haitian Pineapples!


Today was Jetty’s tea party day.  He knew for a few days that it was coming up because I asked him what he wanted to help make and serve to his siblings.  Of course, he wanted to make apple down cake (although he has corrected himself) for the tea party.  Eric found some more pineapples on Tuesday evening because that is just the kind of great dad he is!  So this afternoon, we ate apple down cake and drank a little soda pop.

Jett concentrating hard on the pineapple placement.


Jetty's Apple Down Cake

We sent Eric and Callie off to Joplin, MO early this morning.  Eric has a minor surgery on Friday morning for a neglected medical issue. We decided to send Callie at the last minute for some time with her Grandmas and Grandpas.  We are missing them like crazy, but the house is such less chaos without a three-year-old!  I plan to get all my laundry finished tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully I can spend some quality time in my kitchen to get ahead for when they return.  Chances are that isn’t going to happen because Wilson is always hungry!

Oh, I shouldn’t forget to share this picture of an awesome rainbow we saw this afternoon.  Careful not to point at it, it will bring bad luck…a Haitian superstition.

Taken from the roof of our house.


Just after I took this picture, my exact words were, “No sword fighting on the roof with no railing!”  I love these crazy Lotz kids!