Here Piggy

Living in Haiti has afforded many different experiences that we never would have experienced had we stayed in good ol’ Missouri. One of which was the purchase of a pig!  We bought a piglet up in Fort Jacques in May of 2009.  Just after Thanksgiving of 2011, Eric had Macron (our piggy) butchered.  We learned all sorts of things through the process. In addition to an education, we have reaped the benefits of fresh pork in our freezer!

Way back seven years ago (or so?) when I received my Kitchen Aid from Eric’s mom for my birthday (for which, I am forever grateful!), Eric wanted to get the meat grinder attachment to go with it.  I wasn’t really sure why we would ever need it.  Apparently, he knew something I didn’t know.  And that pressure cooker that Eric’s grandma gave us 11 years ago was used for the first time with this pig, too.  I sure am glad that we decided to bring that pressure cooker with us to Haiti.

The story begins with Christa running down to the pig pit everyday to give food and water to Macron, a job she mostly enjoyed (especially when her daddy helped her).

Hannah with Macron, (more than) full grown

More to come about the Pig Adventures in the next few days…


Looking for Some Adventure

I was really hoping for some adventure today, but found the next best thing.  The whole Lotz family trekked up the mountain to Ft. Jacques, Haiti, where we spent our first year together when we came down in November of 2008.  The week before the Haiti earthquake in January 2010, we moved down to Port-au-Prince.  Today was the first time we went back to visit our old neighbors and let the kids run in the hills and through the gardens.  We got to see our overgrown pig that has been living and EATING up there in Ft. Jacques.  The air is cool in Ft. Jacques, a nice respite from the Port-au-Prince heat.

The kids on the "rout de coupe" or short cut from our old house to the main road.

On the way to Ft. Jacques, we stopped at the Baptist Mission for lunch. You can learn more about the Baptist Mission here. We feasted on pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, and ice cream.  It is a fun place to visit, and has the most incredible view of the surrounding mountains terraced with gardens and small houses.   In addition to their “fast food” restaurant, they also have a great gift shop of hand made items that are made by the Haitians living in the area.  I picked up a nativity scene made from a coconut with hand painted figurines.  I know it is a little early for Christmas, but the last couple of times I have been there they were sold out.  I didn’t want to miss out again!


Wilson enjoying his ice cream. He finally lost his second front tooth!


Aimee eating her first bites of ice cream!

My new nativity scene! Hannah called it a "Cocohut".

Although we didn’t have a new adventure, it was great to take a peek into the past.  Fun day here for the Lotz family.