Pizza Love

One of the Haitian Operation Blessing employees was married last Saturday.  We had the privilege of having the wedding at our house, along with the challenge of preparing pizzas for 60 ish people for the reception.  Our friends, Scott and April Salvant agreed to keep our children for the day so the the house could stay clean and I didn’t have to worry about getting 6 kids ready for a wedding and preparing 15 pizzas!

Hannah Hamilton and Brett Murray are working here in Haiti over in Fonds Parisian. They came early on Saturday and I had wonderful unexpected help for the pizza preparation and serving.  They are amazing!

Thank you Brett and Hannah for all of your help!  Hannah is still recovering from malaria.  Pray for her complete recovery!

We worked hard throughout the early afternoon and I went upstairs to grab a quick shower before the wedding/pizza baking. I came back downstairs to discover they had taken my couch outside on the sidewalk for the bride and groom to sit on.  I sure would have swept under the couch had I known they were going to use it!  Eric was Martial’s best man for the wedding.  Ironically, the maid of honor sat between the bride and groom on the couch.

Yep, that's my couch right there on the sidewalk!

The day was a success, Martial was married and the guests loved the pizza.  Additionally, Eric and I have fallen in Pizza Love, we are now working diligently to take our pizza quality up to the next level.


Angel Bags

Our great friends from Atlanta, Georgia are here visiting.  SOAR (Serving Others and Rejoicing) ministries works to lead short term mission teams all over the world.  One of their big projects every year are Angel Bags.  In December, they pack up a big truck load of toys to give to kids in Mexico and share the story of Christmas to little ones in  Mexican villages.  When Eric and I moved to Haiti in November of 2008, they also expanded Angel Bags to Haiti, specifically to New Hope Haiti Mission and to the kids in the Balan Christian Church. You can read the SOAR blog to find out more about their trip!

The group arrived on Saturday and immediately went right to work.  They unloaded their luggage and sorted out the gift bags, reloaded and headed straight to the orphanage.  After a quick bite of Soup Joumou (Pumpkin Soup), they led the kids in some songs, a story, and then handed out the Angel Bags.

Kids love presents and these kids are no exception!  They were excited for their many great presents found inside their bags.

Hannah Hamilton came over and spent the day with us, too.  She helped Little Manno open his bag.  He is one of the newest members of New Hope Haiti Mission.  Afterwards, the kiddos had their faces painted.

Ti Chat Yo, the little kitties

Fabulous Fun!