Wait, I Have a Blog?

My house is crazy quiet this week, down five kids and up one.  That means the washing machine is getting a break, the oven is getting a break, and ultimately I am getting a break or at least a change of pace.  I have an unwritten list of things I want to accomplish while my oldest kids are hanging out with their cousins and grandparents.  This list is floating around in my head and each day that passes, I realize my time is ultimately limited.  When my scheduled pizza group bailed on me this evening, I felt a freedom that I haven’t felt for a while.  I dragged the two remaining kids out to the garden and began to turn the earth.  I loaded up buckets of compost and carried them to the garden plot and turned the rich compost into the dark earth.  Dust from the soil caked my feet and ankles.  My hopes are not too high, not like in summers past, about the abundance my garden will produce.  My true hope is for some amazing amounts of basil, some cilantro, and maybe a pepper plant or two. For whatever reason, I have not had a lot of luck with gardening thus far; however, there is something within me that compels me to try just one more time.

I saw a quote on a garden stone at a beautiful hotel, the Villa Bamboo, as I was walking through their gorgeous property.  “He who cultivates a garden walks with God.”  I wrote it down because I loved it and immediately wanted to get my hands in the earth, plant seeds, pull weeds and watch something grow and then flourish.  Abundance is not a simple matter. It can be dirty, frustrating, time consuming, and demands time spent in the presence of God.

Three things I worked on today from that list floating around in my head:

1.  Worked in my garden.

2. Ordered some school books for the lovely Lotz kids.

3.  Wrote a new post here, the first time in a year!



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